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How does an online recording session work?

Step 1 Getting started on your project - Fill out the form at the bottom of this site or email us with a description of your project. Please include details like: a particular artist, band or drummer's style you want, type of groove you feel, etc as well as things you don't want. You may also add links to examples of what you're thinking. Send contact info, details of project and an example of your song in mp3 format to

Step 2 Follow-Up - After reviewing your material, we will contact you via email (or if you prefer, over the phone) to go over the music in detail with you to properly assess your particular situation and find the right plan and price for your budget.

Step 3 Book your session -  Once a price has been agreed upon, we ask that you deliver a deposit for half of your song’s fee upfront before getting started. This guarantees your song a start date and completion deadline. Payments will be made via PayPal.​

Step 4 Upload Your Tracks upload your tracks via a file transfer service. We use DropBox. It's fast, cheap, and the most reliable way to go. .WAV or .AIFF files are preferred.


-It is recommended that a guide or scratch track accompany all projects (i.e. click track, metronome, or loop) which will allow us record tighter drum parts. Also include include a click count off of at least 2 bars, along with tempo and sample rate.


-Please make sure all the tracks you send start at the absolute beginning of your song REGARDLESS OF WHATS BEING PLAYED OR WHEN IT IS PLAYED. This is crucial to ensure all tracks line up properly in our recording software.


-If you're sending your tracks in 2 channel stereo format only, please include a version with vocals and instruments only and without processing (reverb, delays) buss compression or any limiters enabled.


If your are sending stems, please include no more than 7 separate stems and label each one. 


ex: Stem 1  vocals soloed

      Stem 2  music: guitars, keys, etc, soled

      Stem 3  bass guitar soloed

      Stem 4  drum track to be replaced soloed

      Stem 5 any loops/percussion soloed.

Step 5 Provide Rough Mix  - When drum recording has been completed, an mp3  preview of your song will be emailed to you for review. Once we receive your feedback,  a finalized version with any suggested changes based on your input will be recorded. We offer up to 3 retakes.


Step 6  Finalized The Project - After the finalized version is approved, the remaining 50% of balance is due*.  The drum tracks for your song will be immediately delivered to your inbox or wherever designated.  Files of the completed final version can be sent in individual stems for each track or a 2 channel stereo mix. Both options are offered in unprocessed or processed format.

* Please understand all test tracks have watermark protection periods which are removed once a finalized version has been recorded and fully purchased.

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