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Beth Champion Mason

"Answer The Call"

"As a singer-songwriter-recording artist, I've worked with Preston for many years now, both as a live drummer in my band and to do drum recordings for my album projects, and I highly recommend him. Not only does he have a tremendous ear for music -- especially drum parts -- but he is easy to work with and just plain fun to be around.  You won't go wrong hiring Preston!" 

Rusty Tatem, Producer/Songwriter/Guitarist
SoundWaves Studios

 "I’ve been working with Preston now for over 18years. His drive, devotion and passion for music is second to none! He treats every project with the level of professionalism and respect that any serious customer in the music industry would expect!

His drumming and drum tracks are simply amazing!

He’s able to play just about any style or genre you would want! He also has an excellent selection of high end drums and audio equipment! You can’t go wrong choosing him or his studio."

"Save Me"(reprise)

Rick Kaiser

"Mr. Richardson approaches the music

recording process with intensity and dedication.No stone is left unturned, nothing is taken for granted. His attention to detail is unprecedented and his devotion to each and every part of the song was nothing short of refreshing. He took my song apart and nailed every break & nuance as if we had played together for years. He is as creative as he is technical and from a musician who has spent money & time, in and out of studios, I can honestly say; I have found what I'm looking for." Thank you Single-Minded Soldier Studios!

Distant Towers

"Rolling Thunder"

"Cinderella's With Me"

James Griffiths

''Preston is a dream to work with, highly professional and an excellent, intuitive drummer. Very impressed, and will certainly be calling on his services again''

James Griffiths

"The  Outsider"

"An Awkward Silence" 

"I have collaborated with Preston for 8 years both as a member of the band Distant Towers and within the confines of my own music engine, The Lindale Project.  Preston  brings a wealth of experience into his drum recording and engineering.  He has a good ear for knowing what type of drum track a song needs, at the same time he has a willingness to listen to others.  He truly wants his drums to be both his own creation and something that enhances the project he is working on.  That is a very creative combination. I have enjoyed his friendship and being his bandmate but I have also learned many things from him as we worked together.  It has been a rewarding collaboration and now others will have access to Preston and his considerable abilities."

--Tony Wood 

"My experience working with Single Minded Soldier Studios was amazing, I couldn't have asked for a more inviting and efficient workspace"

Wolvine Solo Band

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Preston Richardson is a well seasoned musician and studio operator/engineer with a keen ear for rhythm detail.

Curtis Profit, guitarist,producerfrom the band Fluxtional

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