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About Us

Preston Denim SMS pic_edited.jpg

Preston Richardson

Owner/Drummer/Mix Engineer at Single Minded Soldier Studios

I will record professional live drums for your song

I have 25yrs playing experience and I have been a session drummer since 2004. I have recorded drums for 5 full length albums with my rock band, Distant Towers, full length albums for Midnite Shade, Worship leader Beth Champion Mason, prog band Walnut Love and many projects with other artists local and worldwide via online collaboration at my studio, Single-Minded Soldier Studios. My goal is to play what serves the song best. Groove & pocket without sacrificing creativity and according to your guidelines is how I like to build drum parts. I'd be happy to discuss your vision for your song. Please feel free to contact  me : 


KITS:  early 2000s Tama Starclassic Maple 

2021 Starclassic Walnut/Birch

Snares: Pearl: brass & maple 5x14 free floating, Steve Ferrone 6.5x14, 7x12 maple Soprano, Yamaha Dave Garibaldi piccolo, Mapex copper 14x6 Black Panther

Cymbals: Paiste Signature Crashes & Rides, Zildjian New beat Hats & K Ride

Sabian AA hats, splash



API Mic Pre, RME Fireface UFX & Focusrite Clarett+8pre interfaces

Sennheiser, Shure and Audio-Technica mics

Pro Tools software, Waves plug-ins

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