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Single Minded Soldier Studios is a music production studio which provides songwriters, singers, and producers affordable studio-quality live drums for your music projects. Because we can provide radio quality tracks anywhere in the world,clients forgo the high cost of booking studio time and hiring an engineer. What you need, when you need them and delivered conveniently to your inbox via online collaboration



     Single Minded Soldier Studios has a main tracking room and adjacent control/mixing room. We use high quality preamps like the analog API 3124+ and Presonus Digimax LT, going into Pro Tools through an RME UFX Fireface with reference class AD/DA converters.

Main Tracking Room

          Control/Mix Room

API 3124+, Presonus DigiMax LT,  RME FIREFACE UFX Interface
API 3124+, Presonus DigiMax LT, RME FIREFACE UFX Interface

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Pearl 14x5 Maple Snare
Pearl 14x5 Maple Snare

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Audio Monitors
Audio Monitors

Yamaha HS8s, Mackie CR3 3 Reference Multimedia Monitors

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API 3124+, Presonus DigiMax LT,  RME FIREFACE UFX Interface
API 3124+, Presonus DigiMax LT, RME FIREFACE UFX Interface

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Tama Starclassic Maple Drumkit

Paiste Signature Crashes, Zildjian K Ride, Sabian AA hats, Wuhan China

Shure KSM 44s (overheads), SM57s, Beta 57 (snare/snare bottom) Beta 52 (kick)

Shure SM81 (hats)

Sennheiser MD 421II (toms)

Audio Techica 4050 (room) AT 3525 (alt for overheads)

Paiste 14" Signature Sound Edge, Zildjian 14" New Beats (not pictured)

Paiste Signature 20" Flat Ride, 20" Dry Crisp Ride (not pictured)


The Lindale Project

"I have collaborated with Preston for 8 years both as a member of the band Distant Towers and within the confines of my own music engine, The Lindale Project.  Preston  brings a wealth of experience into his drum recording and engineering.  He has a good ear for knowing what type of drum track a song needs, at the same time he has a willingness to listen to others.  He truly wants his drums to be both his own creation and something that enhances the project he is working on.  That is a very creative combination. I have enjoyed his friendship and being his bandmate but I have also learned many things from him as we worked together.  It has been a rewarding collaboration and now others will have access to Preston and his considerable abilities."

--Tony Wood 



Rates are $100 unprocessed per song/ $130 processed per song and you retain rights to the tracks.
Unprocessed (Dry) Tracks - Drum tracks have no EQ, compression, gates, or processing of any kind. For those musicians and engineers wanting to process their own drum tracks or for clients that prefer 3rd party mixing and mastering.

Processed Tracks - Drum tracks delivered fully EQ'd , compressed and processed. Suggested format for individuals who prefer "drop and go" professional drum tracks. Includes  a 2 channel Pre-Mixed Stereo Drum Track - Simply drop your audio file into your DAW and enjoy your finished project.

Single Minded Soldier Studios

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