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Live Drums

I will record studio quality live drum tracks for your project via online collaboration.


All packages include all individual WAV files:

2 Snare  1 Kick  up to 4 toms 2 overheads 1 hat

1 song up to 3 mins- $25 (unprocessed) 1 revision 1 day  delivery

1 song up to 4mins $35 (processed)2 revisions  2 day delivery

1 song  up to 5 mins $55 (processed) 2 revisions, 3 day delivery Includes all individual WAV tracks and  a 2 channel Pre-Mixed Stereo Drum Track - Simply drop your audio file into your DAW and enjoy your finished project. 


I'd be happy to discuss your vision for your song. Please feel free to contact  me: 

Unprocessed (Dry) Tracks  are drum tracks that have no EQ, compression, gates, or processing of any kind. Suggested for musicians & engineers wanting to process their own drum tracks or for clients that prefer 3rd party mixing and mastering.

Processed Tracks  are drum tracks delivered fully EQ'd , compressed and processed. Suggested format for individuals who prefer "drop and go" professional drum tracks. 

Podcast editing and mixing

I will edit, mix and master your podcast audio & make it sound professional.

All packages include:

  • Simple editing

  • Noise & echo reduction

  • Trim front and end of audio

  • Add your intro/outro/music

  • Audio enhancement includes dynamic processing, EQ etc. & mastering of podcast audio for clarity and consistent levels


0 to 15 minutes episode  $20

15 to 30 minutes episode  $30

30 to 60 minutes episode  $40

Advanced Editing available: this includes the removal of mouth sounds, ums, ahs, stutters, long pauses etc to improve the flow of your podcast

Please feel free to contact me :

Recent Projects

Midnite Shade
Listen on Spotify
James Janet Rick
00:00 / 03:56
00:00 / 04:20
00:00 / 04:57
Hope for Your Heart podcast with Pastor Calvin Corbitt 
Free downloads available at:

Several years ago, our church decided to broadcast on a local radio station and purchased airtime for a daily 30-minute broadcast, which was later turned into podcasts. I had no idea what to do, but Preston Richardson took up the challenge to produce a first-class broadcast. The results have been amazing, we have had new families attending our church as a direct result of our podcast and radio broadcast. If you need something recorded professionally, on time, and on budget, I highly recommend Preston Richardson to you.


Pastor Calvin Corbitt
Hickory Ridge Community Church
Chesapeake, VA

Shimmer delite cd  Band photo.jpg
Number 9 Distant Towers
00:00 / 04:27

"I have collaborated with Preston for 8 years both as a member of the band Distant Towers and within the confines of my own music engine, The Lindale Project.  Preston  brings a wealth of experience into his drum recording and engineering.  He has a good ear for knowing what type of drum track a song needs, at the same time he has a willingness to listen to others.  He truly wants his drums to be both his own creation and something that enhances the project he is working on.  That is a very creative combination. I have enjoyed his friendship and being his bandmate but I have also learned many things from him as we worked together.  It has been a rewarding collaboration and now others will have access to Preston and his considerable abilities."

--Tony Wood 

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